Students, parents and families attending freshman orientation.Student Retention and Continuation Plan

Advising will be coordinated through the director of the water degree program (see Program Administration below). The director will be available to provide career advice to students and to assign students to individual academic advisors. These academic advisors will be members of the water degree faculty advisory committee. Academic advisors from this committee will be selected based on willingness and commitment to provide quality advising to the students in the proposed interdisciplinary water degree program.

Each student will be assigned to an individual academic advisor who will provide assistance with career planning, course selection, and oversight on progress toward graduation. Students will meet with their academic advisor as often as needed, but particularly during open registration periods in which the student plans his/her curriculum for the following term. Prior to each course registration period, the academic advisor will send the student a report on their progress toward graduation and subsequently meet with each student to assist in their selection of courses. If the academic advisor finds that a student is having any difficulties in progress toward graduation, they will arrange a meeting with the student and the director of the water degree program to assist in resolving these difficulties. The academic advisor will provide the director of the water degree program with a status report on each student’s progress toward graduation at least once each semester.

Program Administration

A designated director of the water degree program within the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation will coordinate student advising and oversee student record keeping for the new degree program. The program director will also work closely with the faculty advisory committee to coordinate advising of students and updates to the curriculum. A full-time administrative assistant is being proposed to help support the director.


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