Degree Committee

A university-wide faculty committee was established to provide guidance for the curriculum and degree program policies. This committee was responsible for developing the degree proposal and was composed of faculty from five colleges and ten departments. The committee serves as a prototype for a proposed Faculty Advisory Committee to promote interdisciplinary approaches and provide mechanisms for cross-campus involvement in this degree program.

Members of the Original Faculty Committee included:

  • Stephen Schoenholtz, Chair, VWRRC, FREC, CNRE
  • Mike Aust, FREC, CNRE
  • E. Fred Benfield, BIOL, COS
  • Cully Hession, BSE, CALS/COE
  • Kevin McGuire, VWRRC, FREC, CNRE
  • Don Orth, FiW, CNRE
  • John Randolph, UAP, CAUS
  • Lynn Resler, GEOG, CNRE
  • Maddy Schreiber, GEOS, COS
  • Kurt Stephenson, AAEC, CALS
  • Mark Widdowson, CEE, COE
  • Randy Wynne, FREC, CNRE
  • Carl Zipper, CSES, CALS

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