Virginia Tech has a Watershed Management Minor that has very similar themes as the Water: Resources, Policy, and Management B.S. degree.  The minor is also a cross-college program designed to provide an interdisciplinary and substantive understanding of watershed science, policy, and decision-making.

Program Requirements

Undergraduate students select courses at 4000 level and below. There are 20 credit hours required for satisfactory completion of the program and students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in all courses.  There are five categories of courses in the program: watershed hydrology; watershed water quality; watershed ecology; watershed geospatial information systems; and watershed law, policy and planning. Two courses, UAP 4374 Land Use and Environment and ALS/NR 4614 Watershed Assessment, Management, and Policy are required core courses.

Minor Declaration and Procedures

Students from any program on campus can add the Watershed Management minor, usually prior to senior year, by completing a “Change of Major/Minor” form in College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE) Academic Programs Office (138 Cheatham Hall).  The minor should be included when you update or apply for your DARS in the Registrar’s Office.  Students cannot graduate until they either (1) satisfy requirements for the minor or (2) withdraw from the minor by notifying the CNRE Academic Programs Office and revising their DARS.  Course substitution requests should be completed in the CNRE Academic Programs Office and will be contingent upon the approval of the oversight committee.  For more information on the minor, contact Dr. Kevin McGuire in the Water Resources Research Center (210 Cheatham Hall).

For more details and the checksheet, please see the Virginia Water Resources Research Center’s webpage for the minor.

Update (spring 2016): The current checksheet is dated 2003 and therefore substitutions are likely necessary for completion of the minor.  However, a revised checksheet is currently in university governance and will hopefully be available during Fall 2016.

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